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Qingyin Expressway Road Reconstruction and Expansion Project
發布時間:2021-04-23 09:12:14

The road overhaul project of Qingyin Expressway is located in the section of Yellow River Bridge from Lijing Street of Yinchuan to Qingyin Expressway, which is an important passage from the east gate of Yinchuan to the airport.This project is designed according to the technical standards of the Plain Micro-hill area, and is part of the reconstruction and expansion project of Yinchuan to Ningdong section of Qingyin Expressway. Among them, the interchange section between Ningdong and Shiba is a two-way four-lane reconstruction and expansion scheme to two-way eight-lane reconstruction.


Our company undertakes to construct the contract section of road surface overhaul.

  Building 5, Liupanshan Road No. 396, Jinfeng District, Yinchuan City
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