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General Meeting of Stockholders of 2019
發布時間:2021-04-22 17:49:57

At 9 a.m. on March 29th, a general meeting of stockholders of 2019 was held and hosted by chairman of board Mr. Zhang Zhitao and 107 stockholders (including authorized and entrusted stockholders) attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the chairman of board Mr. Zhang Zhitao delivered Report on the work of the board in 2009, Chairman of the Supervisory Committee Mr. Liu Zhongyuan delivered report on the work of the supervisory committee and Company Director and General Manager Mr. Zhou Xingwu made final account report of year 2019. The reports of Board Directors and Supervisory Committeereviewed primary works in 2019, analyzed existing issues and made comprehensive arrangement for year 2020. Stockholders and stockholder representatives deliberated and approved these aforesaid three reports, “Resolution on Profit Distribution of 2019”, “Resolution on External Guarantee Budget of 2020” and “Resolution on Appointment of Accounting Firm”.

This general meeting of stockholders is not only comprehensive summary of work performance in the past year, but review of development track of company and guidance of development direction in future. 

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