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Work Meeting of NXCC 2020
發布時間:2021-04-22 17:50:19

On March 29th, a work meeting of 2020 was smoothly held and hosted by company director, deputy general managerMr.YangQun in form of teleconference with hoist meeting place and branch meeting places. 150personnel including Board of directors, Supervisory committee, various management personnel and commended personnel of 2019 attended the meeting.This meeting delivered general guidance for operation and management of the company in 2020, showed clear path for whole employee, determined work priorities, which laid solid foundation for smoothly completingtargets and tasks in the new year.

In the meeting, General Manager Mr. Zhou Xingwu delivered work report, which reviewed and summarized various performance achieved in 2019, raised existing issues and made arrangements of primary work of production and operation in 2020; Chairman of Supervisory Committee, General Secretary of the Party Mr. Liu Zhongyuan made work report of party branch, which made crucial arrangement for further strengthening primary party organization; Chief Engineer Mr. Wu Liangshan made work report of safety and production, which provided comprehensive arrangement for strengthening responsibility system of safety production, strictly implementing safety system, raising safety consciousness of staff and improving ability for emergency treatment.

In the end, Chairman of the Board Mr.ZhangZhitao fully recognized the above-mentioned three reports and congratulated groups and individuals commended in the year of 2019. Subsequently, he made further important speech on rationalizing system and mechanism, emancipating minds and company strategy.

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